a collection of my latest creations, common folk may refer to as a musical album, will be released soon. no silly promotion or hype, just a release date and then onto the next thing. it’s called ‘a series of oopsie daises and various other flora’ and october 28th is the date that it will be available if you choose to download it. thanks.

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art // design by pedro fins.

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Oct 22
Sep 17


Mr (Jeremy) Toys latest venture in the She’s So Rad outfit makes a slight deviation from 2011’s ‘In Circles’ all in the name of disco & sweaty 80’s funk. Loving the vibe, all analog synths/live instruments, featuring NZ’s most erotic illlustrator Mr. Jellphonic on cover art. Save your lunch money and go and cop this 12” when it drops at Wonderful Noise or pre-order at Conch Records.

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Jul 6


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Apr 11


James Blake -  Life Round Here

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Mar 18

Romare - Taste of Honey (From the City) - Black Acre (by blackacrerecords)

Mar 17

Side Steps Quintet at St Kevins Arcade, Auckland

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isaac aesili, 2013 (nz)
Mar 10


isaac aesili, 2013 (nz)

Jan 31

Dauwd - Shimmer

Pictures Music 

Free download here

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Jan 25

Fine Form interview with Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw Records)

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Jan 15

Ta-ku - Make It Last feat. JMSN

Taku’s title track off his soon to be released EP for Live For The Funk. Peep!!!

Looking forward to this.
Jan 14

Looking forward to this.

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Andreas Feininger
Jan 14

Andreas Feininger

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Jan 12

Zanzibar Chanel / Session (by WUNCEmag)

This is filthy!